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The Grant Instructor ...is a major rip-off DO-Not

give your credit card or anything to them, NOTHING

they are a MAJOR Rip-Off, they are still on there

website , how......? I do-not know, how this is legal!!!! They will take $49.95 out of your credit card every Month "FOR NOTHING" you get NOTHING!

there are NO grants to be had!!!!! Buyer Beware~

There mailing address is Vegas Nevada~

No grants with the GRANT INSTRUCTOR........this

is a joke all the way to there Bank~

The name they gave me over the phone was Richard Garcia, he called me 08-05-08~ Buyer Beware~

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Someone called me 2 weeks ago and offered me help, at first I was so afraid because I found this site and I dont want to be the next victim.Then, I come to think it, its only 2.95 anyway.

So I give in 1% of my trust to Vicky (whom i spoke with) and right from there she told me that she will give it back 99% of it and its true its not a scam if you try to look at it, appreciate it, use and maximize it you will know they are calling us because we need help. Be an open-minded people they wont call us if we are not in need. I enjoyed the benefits and I already passed my grant proposal. Actually I want to thank Vicky because she is really a big help, I was broke, no job, i want to go to school but i have no support that is why I am applying for grants.

I learned a lot from the website as well as from the kit they sent me. I follow the instruction and the only thing they charge me is just 2.95 and i got all the information I needed.

PEOPLE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION and be open-minded and they will help you.:p

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