Grant Instructor - Bogous grant

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I used to work with grant instructor before, one of the account of mediaLink Contact Solution that is based here in Manila , Philippines. I worked there for about eight months and guess, I was considered as one of the Best Top Seller in my time. In all the account they have, Grant Instructor was considered as the Medialink's "bread and butter" why? simply because getting a credit card information and promised that you will be charge only for $2.95 cents is just an easy task. Here is how it goes... As an outbound company we will call the potential customer and informed them that the reason why we are calling is because we received an information on line that the customer is looking for a federal grant and the customer is looking for money. If the customer said they did not, we have a lot of rebuttals that we can use to convince the customer to apply for a grant since the information that we will be sending to them is for free, all they have to do is to pay for the S&H fee which only cost for $2.95 and we will be sending them the information on how to create proposals and also the link to the website wherein you will have a chance to talk to a grant specialist who will walk you through the process, and it will be free for 7days and if the customer chose to continue using the website after the seven days free trial period, they will be charge for a monthly membership fee of $59.61 but if they dont want to continue using the service, they can call and cancel to their 1-800 toll free. Now here is the trick : First of all, if you are using a credit card which has a balance below $62.00 the card will not go trough., why? first, it is not only $2.95 S$H that will be charge to you once you provide your credit card info, the $59.61 monthly charge will be charge to you as well so how come that it will go through if they need to charge you like $62.56 total . But you might wonder why those who have used their gift card and prepaid card who has only balance such as $3.00 go through., that is because it depends on the skill of the agent on how will it works. Actually, gift cards and prepaid cards are not accepted in this company, why? simply because it doesn't have the name printed on the card and definitely, possibility is that the customer will not be charge for the monthly membership fee that is why it is prohibited to the company to get gift card, walmart and prepaid cards. Once the agent has been caught by their QA definitely, the agent might be terminated on the spot. But again how come that the agent was able to process the gift card since it has only like $3.00 balance? The answer is... $3.00 is enough to cover the $2.95 S&H so since all call are being monitored by the QA, and since it is a must to make a seven sales/day as a quota, the agent will get the info first, email add, billing add and most importantly the phone number and the wise agent will disconnect the call so that he will be safe from the QA that he/she did not push through the call and since the the line has been disconnected there is no way that he can monitor that agent.

After a couple of minutes, the agent will then call back the customer coz he have all the information . And the beginning of the call will be apology.. " Mr. Smith I'm sorry the line has been disconnected, just to make sure that everything will be fine and you will receive the information at the right time, I will need to verify again the credit card info you have provided to me and then the agent will make a recap about the credit card info.. and the agent needs to be more careful in doing this, he needs to convince the new QA that the card that is using onset of the call is a credit or a debit card not a prepaid or gift card so... the agent will speak like this .. and the "name printed on the card is Norman Smith, right? And since the customer is eager to get information about the grant, eventhough there is no name printed on the card they will say yes! and for that the agent will be safe from the QA. But the thing is the last centavos of the customer using the gift card/prepaid card will be hacked by the agent/company , but he will definitely not receive any information at all on how to create grant proposal .

Second trick... if you have been charge for the S&H coz you paid for it using a credit card or debit card, and you have a lot of money on that card.. the only information that you will receive is just a blank CD and you'll find out it was too late to cancel that subscription why? because if you will try to cancel it... then you will not be able to reach any agent since the cancellation number is also Bogous. And since there is no way you can cancel it, you will be charge every month automatically since your credit card info is stored in their system.

My reminder is... If you dont want to be charge for all of these.. contact your bank immediately and request them to cancel your account and open a new account instead. Don't be fooled by this kind of company.

I am telling this to all because, I felt very much regretful in working on that said company. I believe in what we called "Karma" and I'm afraid that this might victimize a lot of people again. I am a Filipino and I want to inform anyone that your fellow Americans there who owns the account are the real culprit because he had these ideas, it just so happened that we really need job and we don't have option sometimes but to earn money to live. Anyway, if you would like me to answer all of your concern, I am willing to answer and help you.

I want this kind of bogous operation be stopped now. please always remember. if you did not inquire/subscribe to any promo's and someone called you, get your attention and making such promises and they sound very persistent., then be AWARE. Dont believe in a saying "It Takes money to earn Money".. Thanks and God Bless Philippines and USA!

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Grant Instructor - They are now charging just $2.95 for s&H

Fort Myers, Florida 0 comments

I fell for this scam and authorized the transaction on my account.Now I am afraid that they will keep charging my account in the future.

Be careful. They called me from 201-918-4831. They also gave me a website I called my bank and they only advised to cancel my card.

They can't enen dispute the charge because I authorized it.Please let me know what i should do someone.

Can anyone file a claim against this company so they get caught soon.I am really angry and I just want to prevent this fromhappening again.

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Grant Instructor LLC Deceptive Business Practices Bait and Switch

Tampa, Florida 2 comments

This company shows a Las Vegas NV address Grant Resource Guide 5348 Vegas Dr #866 Las Vegas NV 89108.The corporate name is Grant Instructor LLC.

Go to the Better Business Bureau website and search a company. Enter the name and state. This company comes up with 104 complaints in the past year, 101 for unauthorized charges. The first thing you need to do is contact your bank and tell them that you are a victim of fraud.

File an unauthorized charge report. Second cancel your card. Third file a police report in your own city. Fourth contact the Office of the Attorney General Bureau of Consumer Protection State of Nevada and download a consumer complaint form.

If you are a non resident of Nevada but have a complaint against a Nevada company because of deceptive trade practices you can file. Fifth, contact the National Commission of the Icelandic Police at If you look at the companies that charged you Funding Resource IS 888-278-8105 and Business Source IS 866-509-5275, these are Icelandic companies and can only be stopped if enough of us complain. If a Nevada company takes advantage of a disabled person or an elderly person they can be subject to a $12500 civil penalty for each act NRS 598.0973(1).

Be sure to contact the Nevada Attorney General if you fall into that category. If enough people do that then we can force these people out of business because the cost will be too high for them to continue. My complaint will be filed in the next week.

Good Luck.Jim in Clearwater.

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i also just got a pernament charge on my credit card for 49.50!!! Im not letting this go!!


i was a victim of these people, im going to the bank tomorrow and am now filing a report with the attorney general. I told them no, i wasnt interested and they charged me anyway! :(

Fooled by Grant Instructor too? Let's file suit

Richardson, Texas 7 comments
Not resolved

Guys, I have been fooled by this scam and it is well protected.Did you realize that they can call you from a number and you can't dial it back?

The product, provided that you get it is sub-par. This company is clearly in business for one purpose, to rip unsuspecting consumers off. Bottom line-their scam is coming to an end. I am an attorney and will be using my valuable time to file a law suit against this company.

Anyone with insight is asked to email me at A class action lawsuit would be a really good way to deal a blow to bull---- companies like this. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested.

Looks like some employees are actually responding to these blogs by the look of some responses.

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You guys mean to tell me all this *** has been going on since 2008 and no one has done nothing?!My mother just called me today because these guys were calling her.

Luckily she called me and asked first.

No one seems to be serious about this, so my command will be notified immediately.Once this is in the military news, it won't be long before it is squashed.


How do we get it going...anyone with details on how or what needs to be done to file the class action suit...

Im pissed as *** and not going to sit idly by while I am incessantly harassed all hours of the day and night and while unsuspecting innocent individuals are being scammed out of thier hard earned cash.... Enough is enough...

LETS PUT A STOP TO THIS>>> email me if serious about getting this


I just got off the phone with my credit card company.I had to close my account to stop Grant Instructor from charging me.

They stink. They take advantage of people looking for solutions to school bills.

I am in for a lawsuit.Let me sign!!!!


I am in for the law suit, I didn't even join but I left my name number and e-mail address and hit the submit button. After that I received numerous phone calls from 201-704-0032

I say SUE now.


i wish I would have seen this before!

I hope the lawsuit is successfull!!!!


i wish I would have seen this before!

I hope the lawsuit is successfull!!!!


Im in. We need to do something and a lawsuit sounds the correct answer.

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The Grant Instructor~

Akron, Ohio 1 comment

The Grant Instructor a major rip-off DO-Not

give your credit card or anything to them, NOTHING

they are a MAJOR Rip-Off, they are still on there

website , how......? I do-not know, how this is legal!!!! They will take $49.95 out of your credit card every Month "FOR NOTHING" you get NOTHING!

there are NO grants to be had!!!!! Buyer Beware~

There mailing address is Vegas Nevada~

No grants with the GRANT INSTRUCTOR........this

is a joke all the way to there Bank~

The name they gave me over the phone was Richard Garcia, he called me 08-05-08~ Buyer Beware~

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Someone called me 2 weeks ago and offered me help, at first I was so afraid because I found this site and I dont want to be the next victim.Then, I come to think it, its only 2.95 anyway.

So I give in 1% of my trust to Vicky (whom i spoke with) and right from there she told me that she will give it back 99% of it and its true its not a scam if you try to look at it, appreciate it, use and maximize it you will know they are calling us because we need help. Be an open-minded people they wont call us if we are not in need. I enjoyed the benefits and I already passed my grant proposal. Actually I want to thank Vicky because she is really a big help, I was broke, no job, i want to go to school but i have no support that is why I am applying for grants.

I learned a lot from the website as well as from the kit they sent me. I follow the instruction and the only thing they charge me is just 2.95 and i got all the information I needed.

PEOPLE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION and be open-minded and they will help you.:p

Grant Instructor - They charge me $49.50 monthly for nothing & without permission.

Puyallup, Washington 1 comment

I signed up for The Grant Instructor program on 6/23/07 saying that it would only be a charge fo $1.95 for shipping.

They then charged me $49.50 on 6/23 and again on 7/22. I have never received anything from them except phone calls at all odd hours.

I was told there would be a shipping charge of $1.95 and nothing more.

I spent over 2 hours on the phone today trying to reach customer service and still was not able to talk to anyone.

They called me tonight to sell me something else, but were not able to connect me to customer service. Here I sit on the phone again trying to reach them and being placed on hold forever.

I just want to reach them to cancel whatever I supposedly signed up for and get a refund. I will probably have to go to my bank to file a dispute against them.

They have also not returned the voice mail I left earlier today. I'm sure they never do.

This is a huge scam.

Review about: Grant.


Rock River, Wyoming, United States #27788

they got me too i thought i was getting a cd for 2.95 but 18 days later i see this charge for 49.50 on my bank acct.i e-mailed them asking what this is for and for my money back.

they e-mailed me and said it is what they charge after the 7 day free trial. which by way when i did order the cd it said nothing about that.

now i am out the 49.50 and still haven't recieved the cd.this is a big scam.

Grant Instructor - I caught this scam just in time!thanks for this site!!

Edison, New Jersey 1 comment
Not resolved

I ran across this scam while trying to apply for a grant on the internet and someone from the Grant Instuctor called me form this number 201-621-5694 when you call it back its not in service.Now after reading these awful reviews I did not give the lady my credit card number and she immediately got upset and was determine trying to persuade me to give her my credit card number.

After that she kept calling my cell back to back not saying anything I now may have to get my # changed if this continue.Watch out people for Grant Instructor and this number above


Tonsberg, Vestfold, Norway #19601

These people are calling me also and thanks to the site among other related talks about this company it saved me from being scammed. They have been calling me all morning about 3-4 times in a hr period. I refuse to give them any information and have said I am not interested but still they call.

Grant Instructor scam

Los Angeles, California 30 comments
Not resolved

This website is referred by several legitimate-looking sites for finding government grants - don't try, they scam you out of $49.50 if you don't cancel quickly.

I got charged like many others $49.50/month of their service, without knowing I had signed up for it.

NOW I understand how they do it:

I called to complain and cancel, and got the person at the head of the company after talking to a call person for a while and getting useless standard replies. Of course, they won't give anyone their money back because they say you agreed to enter their service agreement...

What they do is to have TWO application form windows. The first one looks innocuous:

The second one is where they catch you, it loads when you hit "Submit Order" on the first page. Suddenly the same-looking page with name and address info comes up BLANK again, so the applicant, irritated, retypes the information without really noticing the bottom of the page (circled here in RED):

Now they have their excuse to charge you indefinitely until you cancel, which of course most of us will only see once it shows up on the credit card statement, usually well past the 7 days!

No matter what, I am definitely fighting this one! This is clever consumer deception that they should not get away with.

BY THE WAY: I got their address from a fake "scammer alert" website. They have setup the same information on several legitimate looking websites, for example:

Review about: Government Grant Guide.



The reason why I leave the company is because when I did a little research about the campaign I found out that it's a scam! please don't give any credit card information over the phone!


* Call Master, Inc.

* J&J Solutions, LLC

* John Kania

* Jonathan Moysich

These are the company names and the people behind.

You guys decide what necessary actions you may take to this kind of people...


* Call Master, Inc.

* J&J Solutions, LLC

* John Kania

* Jonathan Moysich

These are the company names and the people behind.

You guys decide what necessary actions you may take to this kind of people...


* Call Master, Inc.

* J&J Solutions, LLC

* John Kania

* Jonathan Moysich

These are the company names and the people behind.

You guys decide what necessary actions you may take to this kind of people...


* Call Master, Inc.

* J&J Solutions, LLC

* John Kania

* Jonathan Moysich

These are the company names and the people behind.

You guys decide what necessary actions you may take to this kind of people...


yes that was pnikmpg located in ortigas iwas with them beforeseems they just mislead their prospect assuming first call that they r with u.s goverment fre fre fre with a big cath theres one call center now booming grants scam campaign inhouse FBI FTC calling please raid this one,,,,john ernest located in conneticut greenhills philipiines its in a mall make period on this


I've been part of this company before it is an American Company with a Call centers Located in India and Philippines. They gave us script but we do not know if it exsist. We need Job that is why we do things that we do not know if it is a scam or not.


8)I have been receiving calls from "Grant Instructors" on a regular basis and have told them I am not interested in their program.I still receive calls, so while I had them on the phone I searched the internet concerning this company and found this site and many others with complaints and comments so I thought I would put my two cents in.

They are hard to understand (Broken English) and very pushy.

I asked the person I spoke with for company information and got the following: Grant Instructor 5348 Vegas Dr suite 866 Las Vegas NV 89108.I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau web site and they have a rating of "F" which from looking at their scale is at the bottom, needless to say I didn’t fall for it.


I gave them my card #to an empty account,but it wont be empty 4 long,what should i do?


i've been getting calls from people saying i'd inquired about online grants.I never have, so i know it's a scam already!

Funny though, the people i've talked to didn't speak very good english, and the comments on this board defending these scammers also seem to have very poor english.hmmm, a connection?


They call my house at least three times everyday.Today I decided to pick up the phone, I became suspecious in seconds.

The person was very much interested in sending me to college!!! He asked me questions like "How much money do I need for my college expenses?" or "if I need more money for housing"..... By asking such questions, that person was giving me false impression/hope that I can get ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY I want through their company.

I told them to call back because I wanted to investigate about these people some more online!

Thanks for your comments.

I was not going to give my credit card information over the phone anyway...but thanks!


just a thought! don't answer surveys Online even if it's telling you that you'll earn money from it i did work with them if you wanna get this crooks go to google type in track them sue them call the cops done! no more scammers i can't even imagine that morons are the ones involved in these programs



may i know the reason why are you not longer employee by the grant instructor?

or they were terminated you because you did bad to the company either you was not able to deal with compliance.

are you aware what company dealing with the grant instructor?. i don't think so

the grant instructor dealing with the company that they can trust with.

don't make *** stories..

i think you don't aware in this kind of business.



if you don't want to be called by the telemarketer you should not inquired online...

because they using automatic dialer they can't do something for it, they just doing what their job description..

at the first place they need card information because they process the transaction electronically that's why COD/check are not among their payment option yet.


you know people, you have to think

try to ask the customer service number. you have questions and concern right?



the reason why these people are non english speaking person because they are not american citizen and they are not qualified for the grants. If they are not, they will not wasting their time talking with you instead they will spend their time for making their own grants.

you don't have to judge other people the way they are. they have their own reasons

anyway it's your fault because you inquired online they will not keep calling you if you are not sign up online.

they will not wasting their time talking with you if they won't help you for applying for your grants.


201 is the North American telephone area code for the state of New Jersey covering most of Hudson and Bergen counties, as well as parts of Essex and Passaic. It is overlaid with area code 551.

Their Address may be in Nevada, but the area code is out of NJ.


yes they're a bunch of dirty scammers and based on Las Vegas,Nevada. I'm about to leave the company now I don't to work in that place bunch of losers...


Something needs to be done about this.I went through the same thing and my bank is disputing .

I hope to get my money back but probably will not.

Is there anywhere to report this and get justice?If not there should be!

Big Beaver House, Ontario, Canada #27973

I received a call from a Maria yesterday.Throughout the conversation, there were multiple red flags.

For instance, ridiculous background noises--like people laughing and playing around...definitely didn't sound like a professional atmosphere to me.

Secondly, Maria could not give me a direct number to call her back--she said she would have to call me again (still waiting). Then, the kicker, when she wanted to send me the "free" CD product, I asked her if she could e-mail me some information before hand--of course not. Then I asked if she could bill me by mail--of course not!!!

They only take CCs to deduct the shipping&handling.

Oh, but she said not to worry because Visa and MasterCard recognizes Grant Instructor as a reputable company, so they are safe.Yeah...right!

Rancho Tehama Reserve, California, United States #27748

To those asking for advice on getting your money back...Use google to find tips on getting your money back.Put in "rip off report disputing bank charges" in the search box.

Rip off report website has some info on how to do that.

As for Jens comment about all of us not reading the fine print....They are supposed to be providing a service. They don't provide a service they just take your money. They don't respond to your e-mails and the links to download forms don't work.

Therefore it is a scam. You think its legit go ahead and try to use their so called "service". BTW go to if you want to look for grants. No fee whatsoever because its a goverment site.

As for getting a grant for bills, pay off mortgage whatever...good luck with that because thats not what the grants are there for and you probably won't qualify.

They are for states, cities, non-profits and other organizations for research or funding.I have yet to see one that an indvidual can get unless you plan on doing research for their company/organization.

Albrighton, England, United Kingdom #27538

They keep calling me...for five days straight, about every half hour...after I have talked to three people and asked them to stop calling me. Any suggestions on getting them to stop calling?

Mayville, New York, United States #24191

Their sure is, all you have to do is go ahead and email me at

I will be happy to review your account and work everything out for you. Anyone who has questions or concerns please email me ill be happy to help.

Cujmir, Mehedinti, Romania #23853

Well, I just got scammed too.I am always careful and they got me.

I am going to fight it too and report it to the FBI internet fraud.I suggest we all do the same.

Gallatin, Missouri, United States #22611

:? they called me more than 9 times in one day 7-16-09.I finally answered and they asked for me by name but of course I said I wasn't here but I could take a message.

They tried to sell me - someone, as far as they know, hasn't requested let alone qualified for this service. Just a heads up - their phone # came up as 201-621-5694.

I don't know why my "no call" list I sign up for every year in Missouri didn't work on them.I'll be reporting them to the Attorney General.

Petersburg, Kentucky, United States #20788

I just got a call from some non english speaking person about this grant I never tried for.How they got my info.

who knows but I told this guy that I will research his company and he can call me tomorrow. I am glad I did. They wanted to give me a free cd and package but they couldnt tell me what grant and how much I applied for. Totally a scam.

I am going to try and take this comapny down using my govt.

resources.Dont do it especially if they want you to pay for shipping and handeling totally bull.

South Colby, Washington, United States #19627

They ripped me off also.

Mayville, New York, United States #18827

So this Yvzzz guy thinks he has it all figured out, come on you have no idea. I went to this site and it was totally legit, all you need to do is read! Maybe it is in smaller print but come on do you sign a contract without knowing what the terms are?

Lynchburg, South Carolina, United States #17857

I have been hit by this scam as well.When I called to cancel the customer service was very cooperative.

I assume this is because so many of us have been duped by this scam.

However, she wouldn't give me a credit for it.Anybody have any suggestions on getting the 49.50 back?

Everson, Pennsylvania, United States #17309

This has just happened to me, I did not know anything was signed up.I bought the FREE CD and paid the $2.95 shipping.

Now 3 days later I have a charge of $49.50 on my card. They said I can not cancel because it has been past 7 days , it has been 9 days and they are saying they count Saturday and Sunday.

Is there anyway to get my $49.50 back?dee

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